Even as a child, I have always dreamt of becoming an artist. I studied at the Art Institute and the Academy of Fine Arts in Baghdad for eight years. There, I learned painting, graphics, collage, and mosaic from competent and well-talented teachers. My father is a well-known artist in Iraq from whom I also acquired much experience in arts and painting. I grew up with the smell of oil paint, and this smell evokes positive memories which are always dear to me, and I value them so much. Basically, I majorly specialize in working with oil and acrylic. My paintings are colorful and often abstract expressionist art.

Born 1977 in  Iraq
Lives and works in Helsingborg, Sweden

Member of : 

KRO    The Artists' National Organization. 

SK       Swedish Association of Artists.
HKF     Helsingborg Art Association. 
            Iraqi plastic artists society.
​            Artist group FORMBART.

Educated :

2001     Bachelor's degree in Fine Arts at the Academy of Fine Arts in Baghdad .
1998     BA, Graduate of the Fine Arts Institute Baghdad, Iraq 

Solo Exhibitions :

2019     Staffanstorps konsthall/ Lund.
2019     McNeil AB/ Helsingborg.
2018     Hyllie Park Folkhögskola/Malmö.
017     Sofieslundsfolketshus/ Malmö
2017     Ataljé Ur/ Malmö
2017     Tholin konstförening/ Landskrona .
2016     Konsten Helsingborgs konstförening/ Helsingborg.
2016     Sense konstförening/ Helsingborg.
2015     Hammarkullens konsthall/ Gothenburg.
2014     Pedagogiskt Center in Helsingborg .
1998     The Art Institute in Iraq .

Group exhibitions :

2019     Sommarsalong/ Åstorps konsthall.
2019     Vårsalong/ Hälsingland.
2019     Konstrunda/ Limhamns konsthall.
2019     FORMBART/ Limhamn konsthall/Lund.
2019     Shahrzad's stories Kulturhotellet/ Helsingborg.
2018     Jury at Helsingör's anniversary summer exhibition.
2018     Wihlborgs Fastigheter AB/ Helsingborg.
2018     FORMBART Galleri Jäger&Jansson/ Lund.
2017     Art Week FORMBART/ Helsingborg .
2016     Art in the City FORMBART/ Helsingborg .
​2016     FORMBART Gallery Jäger & Jansson/ Lund .
2015     Iraqi Cultural and Sorority, Gothenburg .
2015     Bazar and exhibition at the Magic/ Helsingborg .
2014     7 Ways of FORMBART/ Teckomatorp.
2014     The art at South of FORMBART 2014 .
2014     Art in the City, Helsingborg .
2013     Art exhibition in Iraq (Baghdad Iraqi eyes).
2003     Art Wings/ Helsingborg .