​When working on a piece of art, I always look for deep relationships between what happens every day and also, happenings that go beyond time and place, so there are many elements in my paintings that are stored in every one's memory and that we also meet in our daily lives without being aware of them. In my art, I always try to capture transient and forgotten realities and merge them in a group of relationships within the painting that gives them meaning beyond the boundaries of our daily experience to the limits of deep knowledge and meditation for human existence, and the realities surrounding us. The warm colors of my art have a clear connection with Iraq, while the cold colors are from my 16 years experience in Sweden. You have the warmth inside the body and the cold outside. The elements of my paintings are often inspired by experiences from my surroundings and the feelings I carry within me. I often paint about women, without details, which represents the feelings that the average woman may not want to show. I rarely paint with a specific goal in mind; however, most times, I allow my thoughts and feelings to guide me further into the process.