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Areej Almansory and Sahar Al Khteeb 
Dunkers Kulturhus
March 3 - April 17, 2022 , Helsingborg/ Sweden

The friendliest country on earth is a collaborative performance and installation by Sahar Al-Khateeb, a resident artist at Dunkers Kulturhus and the Helsingborg-based artist Areej Almansory, known as an advertising profile for Kulturkortet.

Sahar is building an installation of used chairs that strives to capture a partially opposite experience - one of not belonging. Hen interacts with Areej in the showroom and explores aspects of power and belonging, of the position as a minority.

Areej shows his film "I do not exchange you for everything in one world" (2019) - about belonging and dual identities. It is about belonging to two countries - the country of birth Iraq and Sweden, in which she has lived for 19 years.

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